Effective management of your investment in technology and new product development (NPD) is an essential component of profitable growth. As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have an innovation advisor on your side to provide you with real solutions to your technology management challenges.

Also, your top-quality product must be covered with a perfect declaration, which will highlight all the benefits of the product by respecting the legal regulations. Nowadays, many food products are completely new for most consumers, and their health and nutritional statements can lead to further consumers’ confusion, which additionally complicate purchaser’s decision. The consumer must be offered a friendly, appropriate statement, but at the same time it must be in accordance with national as well as EU legislation. IHIS-Nutrition has experts for advising on labeling of food products, dietary supplements, foods with special nutritional needs, and others.

  • Technology consulting to improve the way you manage technology and innovation
  • Expert assistance in creating rich and functional food products
  • New product development
  • Proposing health and nutritional statements for food products
  • Harmonizing your product labeling requests with the legislation of Serbia and the EU
  • We implement legal norms (SRB and EU) concerning the quality of the product as well as the accompanying documentation
  • We give expert opinions about products with specific health notices
  • Organizing workshops dealing with sensory analysis of the product
  • Organizing workshops dealing with labeling of the product