about us

IHIS-Nutrition is a member of the IHIS Scientific Technology Park Zemun a. d. (Established in 1971). IHIS STP Zemun is in the Registry of subjects with innovation activity of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia.

IHIS Nutrition is a science institution oriented towards the food technology businesses. It offers outstanding technical support working with a number of relevant partners at home and abroad. With pride, in addition to its own experts, it brings together the highest quality professionals in the field of technology, biotechnology, nutrition, food quality and food safety.

IHIS-Nutrition does research in the field of nutrition, food and nutrients that our bodies need for optimal performance. Governed by the Hippocratic Oath "Let food be your medicine and your medicine food" in addition to the basic research mission IHIS-Nutrition supports enterprises in improving product quality in the market and educating producers and consumers of food.

We specialize in advising on product development with particular emphasis on the proper labeling of products, enforcement of health and nutritional statements, proper selection and labeling of functional ingredients, clearly marking the functional products for producers and consumers. We also provide marketing support for the separation of derived functional products from existing similar products in the market. Our strategic partner in the field of confectionary industry is company Chocolate Science.